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Pet Portraits

Pet Portraits

By Becki Waugh

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Custom Pet Portraits Made Easy with Becki!

You love your pets, The unconditional love, the adoring looks, there is nothing quite so sweet.

Becki can capture the spunk & spirit of your pet too!

In this gallery, you see pictures submitted by pet parents via email next to their completed custom pet portraits. 

I am happy to ship these babies to you. The convenient 4x4 size is perfect for your desk or mantel.

I do need about 4 weeks from the time of payment in most cases.

How to Order Yours:

It is really very easy! All you need to do is send me a photo of your special pet (along with any special requests) and your payment. Please be sure you provide me with valid contact info including your shipping address. 

Pet Portrait F.A.Q.'s

Can I change the background of my photo?

Yes. I can paint your pet in a field of flowers, on a cushion, or with a variety of other finishes including a favorite color!

How long will it take to get my custom pet portrait?

You should receive your custom pet portrait within 3-4 weeks of placing your order. This time could be longer if you are ordering multiple paintings.

Can I have more than one pet in a painting?

Yes. But remember these are 4"x4" canvases. More than two can be a crowd and you might want to consider ordering a larger custom painting of your pets. (additional charge will apply per pet)

Do the paintings come with the easles?

Yes, they do!

Will you ship a painting to me?

Yes, I will!

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