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Browse through the online painting gallery to view the artist's work. 

If you enjoy what you see please also visit the Calendar to learn where you can see Becki's work in person.

Many originals and prints are available for purchase in the Shop.

Kindness Matters.jpg

View original drawings and multi-media work. Here you can discover works inspired by nature, human nature, modern life, art, and sheer imagination.

Collectables inspired by cultural icons and nostalgic characters such as Snoop Dogg, Underdog and Courage the Cowardly Dog too!

Desktop decor meets original handpainted artwork. These mini-canvasses complete with easle are popular, affordable and fun


People LOVE their pets and love Becki's pet portraits too. These pieces capture the special personality of each animal and commissioning your pet portrait is easy!

Visit the gallery to see some of Becki's favorite furry friends, then contact the artist to get your pet painted.

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